The Islands Estate is a boat lover's paradise, described by many as a world class facility offering a whole new way of living

The Estate features a system of canals - six kilometres of navigable water at various points in the estate, with islands and jetties to accommodate boats. The canals meander between exquisitely designed waterfront homes.

Access from the canals to the Hartbeespoort Dam is made possible by means of bi-directional water locks, with a similar system connecting the lower and upper canals. The bi-directional water lock allows for lowering or rising of up to six boats at a time (three up and three down) at the two water locks. The transfer time of boats in the water lock is kept to less than ten minutes. Freeboard between the canal water level and lower arch of the bridges is three metres or more, thus catering for most sized power boats used on the Hartbeespoort Dam.


Toy Storage

Toy Storage has Luxury Boat Houses to rent in the Islands Estate. Designed to store your luxury boat without taking ski/wakeboard racks and towers off and deep enough to store floating lounges and barges. Equipped with all creature comforts for your boat; pay as you go power with lights, ceilings to reduce dust, multiple power outlets and electric garage motors it makes storing your boat easy and convenient. Options to buy are also available.

For rental rates and more visit or call André on 082 815 1995.

Please sign up for the boat valet service coming soon.