The Islands Estate facilities


The Islands Estate Clubhouse

The clubhouse is situated on the far each bank of the upper canal system, about 1,2 km from the locks. The 420sqm structure is presently under construction and will be finished in a couple of months.

The clubhouse will be used by the home owners for recreational purposes. Two tennis courts, the mashie golf course and the chess garden all form part of the recreational infrastructure.

The juice bar and swimming pool will enhance quality living for the estate, home owners and their visitors.

The board of directors will be led by the home owners to what facilities (i.e. a gymnasium, or spinning area) should be fitted out by the home owners association.

The clubhouse will be a valuable asset to the lifestyle The Islands Estate offers and will be well suited for birthday parties, functions and weddings.

The Sports Oval

The sports oval will be the venue for numerous activities such as friendly cricket, rugby, softball and soccer matches while the terraced amphitheatre will ideally accommodate social events and theatrical productions to name a few.


The Islands Estate is a boat lover's paradise, described by many as a world class facility offering a whole new way of living.

The Estate features a system of canals - six kilometres of navigable water at various points in the estate, with islands and jetties to accommodate boats. The canals meander between exquisitely designed waterfront homes.

Access from the canals to the Hartbeespoort Dam is made possible by means of bi-directional water locks, with a similar system connecting the lower and upper canals. The bi-directional water lock allows for lowering or rising of up to six boats at a time (three up and three down) at the two water locks. The transfer time of boats in the water lock is kept to less than ten minutes. Freeboard between the canal water level and lower arch of the bridges is three metres or more, thus catering for most sized power boats used on the Hartbeespoort Dam.


The development made provision for an eight hectare park to be created as a communal area. The vast park area adjoining a sports oval and terraced amphitheatre on one side and the remaining space on the other comprises three dams with connecting streams through which water is circulated continuously.


Pathways within the park area have been created as walking trails and between stands ensuring that green belt expanses were retained. Brick pathways along the road edges are curved and slightly winding, calling to mind the gently raised mounds and berms that characterize the landscaping.

The estate is furthermore serviced with paved or asphalt roads, paved sidewalks with lawned verges, which also apply to the verges of canals, allowing extensive walks or runs on the Estate.

Bird Watching

Birdlife has since completion of The Island Estate's canal and wetland increased considerably offering perfect opportunities for bird watching.

Mashie Golf Course


The nine-hole Mashie Golf Course is the ideal place to spend an hour or two to unwind from a busy schedule or just to enjoy some leisure time in the outdoors. Although the game of golf can sometimes be challenging, the estate's course features magnificent views of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range causing every swing to be most enjoyable.



The chess board game originating as early as the second Century AD, originated in India and spread to Russia, China, Japan and Iran and from there was introduced to the Mediterranean by Arab invaders. It reached Britain in the 12th Century via Spain and Italy. An oversized chess board and pieces can be found on the Islands Estate for the enjoyment by young and old.

Gazebos and Children Play Centre

The Islands Estate boasts several playgrounds created for the sole enjoyment of the younger residents. Parents are able to keep a watchful eye on their children's activities from the vantage point of the nearby gazebos.
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